IT professionals are busier than ever with setting up work from home networks and trying to prevent the next cyber attack. Tech staffs have less time to focus on other daily tasks, such as keeping employee’s systems up to date. No wonder TA Associates invested in PDQ.

PDQ helps system administrators keep machines up to date. The company’s clients include BMW, Coca-Cola and HBO. “The number of applications managed by companies has increased at a rapid pace.” Brigg Angus, vice president, product and operations, told Mergers & Acquisitions in an interview. “Often, software and devices are being procured directly by small teams and individuals, creating another layer of complexity for system administration. System administration teams aren’t an area companies have wanted to invest in. However, remote work and a focus on security have required IT investment.”

Businesses are always looking for ways to delegate or automate tasks to free up their employees. Whenever there is a demand for a service, especially when it comes to automation and security, they’re surely will be buyer interest.

“Companies more frequently share best practices, set new or more stringent internal policies, and rely on technology to audit, monitor, and automate safeguarding their digital assets,” Angus explained. “At small and medium-sized businesses, system administrators are the front line to enforce these best practices and security measures.”

One thing seems certain: IT professionals will always have something to do.

– Demitri Diakantonis