Willie Woods, president and co-founder of ICV Partners talked in a video interview conducted by editor-in-chief Mary Kathleen Flynn at The Best in M&A Speak virtual event, where we announced the winners of the 2021 Top 10 Middle-Market Deals of the Year. Woods shared valuable insights on key traits ICV Partners looks for in companies, how they are currently expanding, and what initiatives they have recently issued to add to their history of DEI efforts.

“With every chaos and crisis, there’s always going to be some opportunities that we didn’t think about, that are going to surface, that we’re going to be able to take advantage of, and we’re here to support that,” said Woods. “If a new opportunity presents itself, a new product or a new service, let’s be all over the development of strategy around that.”

For the full discussion, watch the video above.  And click here for 2021 Top 10 Middle-Market Deals of the Year.