Between remote work and digital transformation, there are more opportunities for cyberattacks, and the concern for digital security has never been higher. The combination is creating great demand for cybersecurity providers. This is where private equity comes in.

Netrix announced its acquisition of BTB Security on Tuesday. BTB offers information security and digital forensics for small and mid-sized businesses. Netrix is a provider of cloud, security and other IT tools.

“Amidst a constantly evolving cybersecurity threat environment, businesses and other institutions are increasingly looking to outsourced experts to assist them in navigating a complex landscape of security best practices, regulatory requirements, and third-party tools,” says OceanSound Partners-backed Netrix CEO Russell Reeder.

Private equity firms and their portfolio companies have carried out more and more cybersecurity acquisitions each year for roughly the past decade. As hackers become more sophisticated, cybersecurity companies will remain in demand as desirable acquisition targets, which has been accelerated by the pandemic and remote work.

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Demitri Diakantonis