Unleashed Brands, a parent company of franchised brands for children to learn, play, and grow, has purchased XP League, a first-to-market youth esports franchise.

XP League is a competitive esports league formed in the image of classic youth sports organizations. The programs operate with a focus on sportsmanship, teamwork, and positive behavior through video game competitions.

The deal represents the fifth acquisition made for Unleashed Brands in the past nine months. Going forward, UB will act as the parent company of XP League.

“I am thrilled to have XP League join a brand group with such a strong vision and culture centered on reaching kids throughout their life stages as they play, learn, and grow,” commented XPL founder Jay Melamed. “Our company shares so many common core values with Unleashed Brands, which made this integration an easy decision for us. We are looking forward to our network of franchisees gaining access to benefits an independent franchisor would not have the capacity to provide. We are also looking forward to expanding our experience so that kids and their parents can see more programs in their local markets.”