LifeSpan Biosciences, a portfolio company of Thomspon Street Capital Partners, has become Absolute Biotech, a holding company working to bring together antibody-centric brands and focused on antibody reagents and services.

Absolute Biotech offers customers a suite of antibody-related products, services and expertise for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Together the brands offer over one million off-the-shelf life science reagents, as well as custom antibody sequencing, antibody engineering and recombinant antibody expression services. The combined company looks to use each brand’s experience with antibodies to advance the creation and availability of life science reagents.

 “Our combined company mission is to serve as antibody curators for customers worldwide, treating each antibody like a work of art to deliver unique and absolutely defined reagents that empower scientists,” comments Heather Holemon, CEO of Absolute Biotech.