Sun Capital Partners Inc., a private investment firm focused on defensible businesses in growing markets, has, through an affiliate has completed the acquisition of LoanLogics, a digital mortgage solutions provider creating the premier investor network ecosystem for digital loan commerce.

LoanLogics provides technology automation for mortgage document processing and data-driven audit software that seeks to improve efficiency, enhances transparency, streamlines commerce, and reduces risk while providing quality assurance and loan portability for lenders, investors, insurers, and servicers.

“Sun Capital is thrilled that LoanLogics is our second technology platform investment after formalizing our technology vertical,” said Marc Leder, co-chief executive officer of Sun Capital. “Inefficiencies in data and workflow are driving rising mortgage market costs, and LoanLogics helps solve this industry challenge. We look forward to applying our operating experience to accelerate LoanLogics’ growth.”

“We are eager to begin work with Sun Capital, who we firmly believe brings the level of experience necessary to help us leverage our technology leadership, excel operationally and optimize growth,” said Bill Neville, chief executive officer of LoanLogics. “The support and resources Sun Capital is capable of providing to companies like ours will enable LoanLogics to continue to ensure quality performance for our clients, enhance our operations and best serve the rapidly modernizing mortgage technology market.”

“LoanLogics provides the solutions that the market needs for the digital mortgage transformation that is well underway,” added Elizabeth de Saint-Aignan, managing director, who leads the technology vertical at Sun Capital. “We see significant opportunity to help LoanLogics capture greater share of the growing market opportunity by continuing to innovate for its customers.”