Rockhill Capital & Investments, a North Texas real estate development firm, has merged with Horizon Capital Partners, a real estate investment firm also based in North Texas.

Since 2009, Rockhill has provided experience in land acquisition and development, entitlement and infrastructure construction, with a focus on residential development across North Texas. Horizon focuses on the development, sourcing and procurement of financing and capital relationships with an end goal of achieving long-term results for its investment partners. The Frisco-based firm plans to use its expanded team and resources to target a wider range of real estate investments and spread its activity across the region. The merged company will be doing business under the Rockhill Capital & Investments name.

“We’re eager to continue to build new opportunities with Rockhill and positive results for our investment partners,” comments Mark Smith, now a principal at Rockhill. “We believe we have a powerhouse team and are excited to see what we can accomplish together in 2023 and beyond.”