Revelation Pharma, a portfolio company of Osceola Capital, has acquired 5 compounding pharmacies including Innovation Compounding, Pencol Compounding Pharmacy, Pharmacy Specialists Compounding, Wise Compounding and Convex Pharmacy.

The deal follows the 2021 formation of Revelation Pharma as a result of Osceola’s acquisition of Everwell Specialty Pharmacy. The deal expands the firm’s presence across Georgia, Colorado, Florida and Illinois.

“We’re excited to welcome Innovation, Pencol, Pharmacy Specialists, Wise and Convex to the Revelation platform,” added Jake Beckel, chairman of Revelation Pharma. “These partnerships add to our expertise in a wide variety of innovative therapies, and we remain focused on looking for new acquisitions to expand our capabilities and better serve our customers.”

 “These acquisitions are highly strategic to the Revelation platform – expanding our geographic reach to key areas of the US and adding talented leadership to the business,” commented Ben Moe, managing partner of Osceola Capital. “We look forward to continuing an aggressive acquisition growth strategy and partnering with best-in-class compounding pharmacies nationwide.”