Capital markets platform Percent has announced its acquisition of portfolio surveillance and risk management technology from MidCap Financial.

The technology acquired will enable borrowers to share their performance history, underwriters to analyze parameters to make quick structuring decisions, and investors to monitor performance. With this latest software integration, Percent will fully automate the process of analyzing loan tapes in private credit transactions. It will be able to model borrower risk with greater accuracy by assessing the health of a borrower, its collateral and their business overall. Percent believes the transaction will help the firm further disrupt private credit markets.

“Percent is proud to be a pioneer in bringing unprecedented levels of transparency to the private debt market, and this acquisition of enterprise-level surveillance technology will accelerate our ability to revolutionize the space for all market participants,” said Nelson Chu, CEO of Percent. “This will greatly enhance and augment our existing surveillance capabilities, a critical piece of any private market transaction. It will also allow us to expand our ability to service the broader lending market as a whole as we continue to meet the evolving needs of this growing ecosystem on our platform.”