Mercer Global Advisors, a national registered investment adviser (RIA) backed by Oak Hill Capital and Genstar Capital, has acquired Mark D. Cunningham, a proprietorship affiliated with Raymond James (Cunningham).

Cunningham, a wealth management firm in Bellaire, Texas, serves clients with assets under management of approximately $360 million. Mark D. Cunningham founded Cunningham in 1997. His team works to help clients financially through wealth management and financial planning services.

“As I looked at my own succession planning options to determine with whom to partner, it was important to me that my new partner would anchor on financial planning as I do,” stated Cunningham. “I wanted to also provide additional services to my clients like estate planning and dedicated tax expertise and return preparation. Other colleagues of mine had talked with David Barton, Vice Chairman at Mercer Advisors, about the prospects of joining Mercer Advisors and what that might look like. After meeting with Dave, I knew I had found the right partner in Mercer Advisors as they have been a dedicated financial planning organization since 1985, and offer in-house family office services like estate planning, tax return preparation, and corporate trustee services.