MotorK Plc (AMS: MTRL), an SaaS provider for the automative retail industry, has purchased Fidcar SAS, a service provider for automotive retail based out of France.

Fidcar has developed an e-reputation and predictive marketing services that capture data related to the customer process and makes use of proprietary AI to derive customer retail preferences and habits. MotorK will integrate the technology into its own SaaS platform and offer these services to its customers to assist them in leveraging customer data.

“We are thrilled to have reached this milestone and it is a strong testament of our continued focus on strategic M&A as part of our broader growth strategy,” said Marco Marlia, co-founder and CEO of MotorK. “Incorporating Fidcar’s highly innovative e-reputation solutions to MotorK’s comprehensive offering will further enhance our integrated SaaS platform by adding new proprietary AI, data analysis and e-reputation capabilities.”