Manhattan West, a Los Angeles-based strategic investment firm, has made a majority investment in Formula 1 Exhibition through its Manhattan West Private Equity arm and the firm’s partnership with Round Room Studios.

Formula 1 and Round Room studios work to produce an international traveling exhibition covering the past, present and future of the FIA Formula One World Championship. Manhattan West’s investment aims to power the development of the experience for Formula 1 fans globally. The exhibition will be delivered across six rooms, each designed in partnership with artists, filmmakers and craftsmen.

“To partner with Round Room Studios and help the sophisticated team there develop the Formula 1 Exhibition is a thrilling opportunity for Manhattan West,” states Matt Gibbons, managing director and head of Manhattan West Private Equity. “Formula 1 is a sport that needs to be experienced in person, and the state-of-the-art Formula 1 Exhibition will be an unforgettable opportunity for fans around the world to see, discover, and feel the power that is the world’s fastest-growing sports brand.”