Loadsmart, a freight technology company, has acquired Kamion, an intelligent trucking management system, and Opendock, a provider of warehouse dock scheduling software. Loadsmart provides services including fueling growth, simplifying operational complexity and bolstering efficiency for carriers and shippers.

The combination of Opendock and Kamion furthers Loadsmart’s platform closer to removing the barriers between shippers and carriers in order to move efficiently.

Kamion will assist Loadsmart in increasing efficiency and profitability through reducing empty miles and enabling better decision making. In addition, Opendock will assist with leading warehouse scheduling in order to cut down on costly wait times and inefficient backhauls.

“By bringing carriers, shippers and warehouses together, we see the potential to solve the most pressing issues in the supply chain today,” said Felipe Capella, co-CEO and co-founder of Loadsmart. “Ultimately, our goal is to increase efficiency and reduce friction across the logistics ecosystem.”