Merge, a storytelling technology company, has acquired digital marketing consultancy, Blue Moon Digital Inc. Blue Moon is a strategic performance marketing agency serving retailers and direct-to-consumer online brands. Merge is backed by Keystone Capital.

“At a time when businesses are rapidly adopting an eCommerce mindset, Blue Moon Digital’s strategic performance marketing expertise augments MERGE’s digital capabilities and expands our consumer practice,” said Patrick Venetucci, chief executive officer of Merge. “Fusing Blue Moon Digital’s command of eCommerce and data analytics with MERGE’s content and technology capabilities facilitates our ability to drive traffic and transactions for clients in a powerful way and differentiates

“Through the lens of our retail and digital clients, we have seen an increased demand for eCommerce and performance marketing solutions that combine storytelling and technology in one integrated platform,” said Cindy Brown, chief executive officer of Blue Moon Digital. “As sophistication and content volume proves to be effective at driving traffic, joining forces with MERGE offers access to more talents ranging from poets to PhDs that will help elevate the results we can deliver to clients as they seek to capture more market share.”

Garros Group served as the strategic and financial M&A advisor to Blue Moon Digital in this transaction. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.