Influitive Corp., a provider of engagement software for customer advocacy and online communities, has acquired PostBeyond, a venture backed SaaS company focused on employee advocacy and social selling.

Influtive’s advocate-based system caters to market needs through personalized services for clients’ customers, employees, and partners to drive engagement and foster deeper relationships and brand loyalty.

PostBeyond works to help employees and partners to share relevant content with social networks in order to reach and engage buyers and employees. The firm saw 35 percent growth in revenue and 50 percent growth in customers over the last year.

“Influitive has seen an increasing demand from our customers for employee advocacy and engagement solutions,” said Dan McCall, CEO at Influitive. “While our platform handles these use cases today, the ability to acquire a market leader accelerates our product and growth initiatives and will benefit our combined base of customers.”

“Today, most companies are using separate solutions to support their customer advocacy and employee advocacy programs, which is inefficient from both a vendor management and cost standpoint,” said Julie O’Brien, CMO at AttackIQ and an Influitive customer. “I’m excited to see the combination of Influitive and PostBeyond, which will make it easier and more streamlined for marketing leaders to build relationships and brand awareness in social channels.”