SunGrid Holdings, a portfolio company of private equity firm Hull Street Energy, has purchased RA Electric Inc., an electrical services contractor based in southern California.

RA Electric is focused on construction including new building construction, utilities, power conditioners, interconnections, installation of emergency generators, surge suppressors and U.P.S. systems. The deal aims to help SunGrid to provide services to projects scaling from 1 MW to 1 GW in support of California’s decarbonization and energy storage goals to expand renewable energy, reduce carbon emissions and bolster electric reliability across the state.

“RA Electric brings enhanced construction capability specifically focused on medium voltage, low voltage, and infrastructure-based projects,” comments Jeremy Goertz, co-founder and CEO, SunGrid Solutions. “Located just outside Los Angeles, RA Electric will have an immediate impact on SunGrid projects currently underway in California.”

The Law Office of Jon Staley acted as the legal counsel to SunGrid.