Hitachi, an enterprise technology provider, has acquired Flexware Innovation Inc., a manufacturing services integrator.

Flexware furthers Hitachi’s total seamless service that links “shop floor” and “top floor” with data and technology. The deal strengthens Hitachi’s business in manufacturing execution systems, supervisory control, and data acquisitions, software development, business intelligence, and enterprise resource planning implementation capabilities.

“I am very happy to have Flexware Innovation as a new family member of the Hitachi Group,” says Kazunobu Morita, VP and executive cfficer, CEO of the industrial digital business unit, Hitachi, Ltd. “Moving forward, we will strive to solve customers’ challenges and maximize their corporate value in North America through the combination of Hitachi’s products, OT, IT, and Lumada which utilizes advanced digital technologies, the SI technologies and development capabilities of Flexware Innovation, the robotic SI & automation of JR Automation, and other resources.”