HealthEdge Investment Partners, a private equity fund, has completed an investment in Anodyne, a provider of clinical footwear services.

Anodyne is a diabetic footwear company founded in 2015. Anodyne’s shoe designs provide diabetic patients with footwear options that appeal to their comfort needs and style desires. Anodyne is a provider of clinical footwear services aimed at the growing diabetic population.

HealthEdge Investment Partners is a private equity firm founded in 2005 that focuses exclusively on the healthcare industry. HealthEdge’s partners have more than 100 years of combined experience in healthcare.

Scott Heberlein, a partner at HealthEdge, stated, “Diabetic foot complications represent a significant medical risk to the growing diabetic population. A risk that can be drastically mitigated by the proper application of therapeutic footwear. It is exciting to see how a relatively low-cost intervention can have such a meaningful impact on improved patient outcomes. We look forward to partnering with the Anodyne team to expand the reach of this important preventative product.”