TriMech and Javelin Technologies have merged, as part of the two companies’ joint effort to expand 3D design and 3D printing support for designers, engineers, and manufacturers across Canada and the central and eastern United States. Going forward, Javelin will operate as TriMech’s Canadian business, referred to as Javelin Technologies, a TriMech company.

TriMech is a portfolio company of The Halifax Group, a private equity firm that partners with lower middle-market businesses.

Combining the two companies brings together their shared expertise across every stage of product development, including mechanical and electrical design, simulation and testing, data management, technical communication, and production. The integrated business will continue to provide the full suite of Solidworks 3D CAD software and 3DExperience Works, as well as configure-price-quote automation, process and workflow assessment, in-person and online training, and engineering and implementation services.

“With the fast growth of cloud solutions, our clients need us to continually improve our ability to meet their complex needs,” said Marcel Matte, president and CEO of TriMech. “Bringing TriMech and Javelin together creates opportunities for our employees to collaborate with and help clients like never before. They rely on us to help them improve efficiency and profitability.”

Javelin’s CEO Ted Lee, said, “TriMech and Javelin have been supporting clients who are working and collaborating remotely, retooling, and automating processes. Together we’ll continue to grow and evolve so that we’re always in the best possible position to use our expertise to help clients choose, implement, and make the most of technology. Uniting our two teams makes us stronger for our clients.”