Enartis, an Italian multinational company and part of the Esseco Group, which operates in the alcoholic beverage sector and wine products and services market, has acquired Winegrid, a Portuguese company that has developed and patented technology for monitoring wine production using sensors.

Winegrid detects critical production data in real time during the various stages of winemaking. Following an initial collaboration and distribution agreement in February 2023, the acquisition of Winegrid and integration of its services for digitizing the winemaking process into its offerings, positions Enartis in the market in the digitization and automation of modern wineries, in complete synergy with the company’s enological product offerings.

“This is a milestone in the evolution of Enartis, allowing the company to consolidate its position globally in the wine industry, offering its customers an even more comprehensive and innovative integrated range of products and services,” comments Samuele Benelli, general manager of Enartis.