Deutsche Bank has made a significant equity investment in SkyHive, a workforce technology provider delivering insights for improved human capital managment.

The investment comes from Deutsche Bank’s strategic corporate venture capital unit. The deal will support SkyHive’s growing global operations with a focus on the firm’s expansion into the European market. SkyHive works to combine real-time, global market data with transparent AI to provide its clients with actionable insights into skills, skill gaps, industry benchmarks, and reskilling options.

“Using data intelligently and with purpose will take human capital management to the next level,” added Michael Ilgner, global head of HR & real estate at Deutsche Bank. “SkyHive is addressing a key talent shortage issue observed across all industries and particularly prevalent in financial services. Its value proposition of providing employers with a better understanding of the skills of their workforce and in the market paves the way for improved resource management, workforce upskilling, and employee retention.”

Human capital is by far the most untapped potential in today’s modern age,” said SkyHive founder and CEO Sean Hinton. “Enterprises and communities that are alert to the advancements in strategic workforce solutions can radically transform top and bottom-line growth trajectories by unleashing their workforce’s full capacity. Who you hire, where you hire, what you pay, who you deploy and how you compete are just a few examples of key business decisions that hinge on a deep, continuous and accurate understanding of your constituents’ skills. Our technology uniquely enables this mission-critical capability, and therefore was a strong rationale for Deutsche Bank’s investment.”