Cloopen (NYSE: RAAS), a multi-capability cloud-based communications services provider in China, has acquired Zhuge Inc., a user-centric intelligent data services provider.

The deal will upgrade the firms’ product and services capabilities to assists the intelligent transformation of clients’ marketing and services. Cloopen provides communications services for thousands of enterprises and accumulates business data.

The addition of Zhuge will enhance Cloopen’s proficiency in data middleware, allowing the firm to help enterprise clients have a better understanding of users, user activity and marketing programs.

“The addition of Zhuge strengthens the technology Cloopen has accumulated in the database arena and reinforces its competitiveness in the field of enterprise marketing and service,” added Changxun Sun, founder and CEO of Cloopen. “Moving forward, by leveraging their  respective technical capabilities of intelligent communication and data intelligent products, Zhuge’s products and services will achieve impressive synergy with Cloopen’s, and act as an important factor for Cloopen to build a closed-loop enterprise marketing and service.”