3Z Brands, a manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer and direct-to-consumer distributor of sleep products and backed by Cerberus Capital Management, has bought Nolah Sleep.

Founded in 2016, Nolah works to drive the health and wellness of Americans through a focus on sleep. The company uses technology aiming to improve memory foam and create a mattress that delivers a temperature-neutral and pressure-relieving sleep experience. The addition of Nolah looks to expand 3Z’s direct-to-consumer mattress platform that offers mattresses and sleep accessories manufactured in the U.S. Nolah will continue to operate under its brand name, alongside Cerberus’ previous partnerships with Brooklyn Bedding, Helix Sleep and Bear Mattress.

“Combining our technology and expertise with 3Z’s opens new doors for product development and further innovation,” says Stephen Light, CEO of Nolah. “We plan to keep pushing the boundaries of mattress technology with affordable solutions to everyday sleep disruptions.”