Capital Square, a sponsor of real estate investments and a developer of multifamily communities, has launched its private equity group, which will focus on single-family, build-for-rent homes and other non-traditional real estate investments.

According to Capital Square, build-for-rent homes have become a popular investment option among institutions and individual investors due to the growing demand among residents who seek a single-family lifestyle with the financial and leasing flexibility of a rental and the convenience of a professionally managed property. Jon Trott and Dave Platter, previously of The Amherst Group‘s build-for-rent division, have joined Capital Square as managing directors to lead the new private equity group.

“Build-for-rent homes are an increasingly popular choice among renters in the Southeast through Texas, where Capital Square actively invests in multifamily housing,” says Whitson Huffman, co-chief executive officer of Capital Square. “Exceptionally strong demand has made build-for-rent a compelling investment strategy in response to a shortage of quality housing. With in-house development, capital markets, asset management and acquisitions, the build-for-rent space is a natural evolution for Capital Square and is another way to provide innovative and compelling options to a growing number of investors and financial advisors nationwide.”