BridgeTower Capital, a platform to connect blockchain markets, is partnering with global art fund Artemundi to release NFTs based on the work of Spanish artist Francisco Goya. The partnership was announced at the Avalanche Summit in Barcelona. All audience members at the summit were given an NFT illustrating Goya’s Caprice No. 6 titled, “No One Knows Each Other.”

Goya’s Caprice No.6 is the first in a series of NFTs created by Artemundi and BridgeTower Capital. A series of NFTs featuring the 80 Goya Caprices, or architectural etchings, owned by Artemundi will be released over the next year. The NFTS will be in the BridgeTower Permissioned Market. Buyers enter by creating a Securitize iD.

Artemundi is an art investment company that manages over a billion dollars. “Goya’s work transcends time,” said Artemundi CEO Javier Lumbreras. “This piece — Caprice No. 6 — shines light on our ability to effectively connect with each other. This has never been more relevant today and is at the core of our society within the expanding Metaverse.”