Flow Control Holdings, a portfolio company of Audax Private Equity and a provider of sanitary flow parts to pharmaceutical, food and beverage markets, has acquired DSO Fluid Handling Company Inc. and Flowtrend Inc.

DSO and Flowtrend both offer sanitary-aftermarket parts. Bringing DSO and Flowtrend together under the FCH umbrella looks to create the opportunity to drive the value proposition to FCH’s existing customer base as well as future customers.

“The acquisitions of DSO and Flowtrend, coupled with our prior acquisitions, provide considerable momentum as we become a leader in the sanitary flow control market,” says Scott Kerns, CEO of FCH. “These two businesses expand our product portfolio and improve our ability to service our existing customer base and prospective customers. We’ve taken an important step in executing against our strategic plans and remain intently focused on acquiring complementary businesses that enhance our offering of components and solutions.”