Ascend Capital Partners, a healthcare-focused private equity partnership, has made an equity investment in Allied Physicians Group, a New York-based pediatric care provider, and Adjuvant.Health, a provider of physician-led medical practice administration.

Allied Physicians Group offers care at over 35 primary care offices across the New York market, with 150 clinicians who see more than 180,000 patients. Adjuvant.Health offers a suite of consultative services including administrative consulting, marketing, practice services and information technology as well as culture and leadership training. The investment looks to help Allied Physicians Group and Adjuvant.Health further expand into primary care services and extend the reach and depth of preventive, acute and chronic care management for patients. As part of the investment, CareAbout, a management services organization affiliated with Ascend Capital Partners, will partner with Adjuvant.Health, aiming to improve healthcare delivery and clinical quality.

“We are excited to be working with Ascend Capital Partners and CareAbout’s highly experienced management team to grow our footprint, expand the services we offer and improve the delivery of care,” comments Kerry Frommer Fierstein, CEO of Allied Physicians Group and Adjuvant.Health. “As organizations, we collectively share a similar mission of improving healthcare access, affordability, and quality, which will enable us to continue to operate in a way that empowers our physicians and lets us put our patients’ needs first.”