Apax Digital Funds, with participation from existing investors Frontier Growth, PeakSpan Capital and the target’s management team, has made a $100 million investment in Petvisor, a veterinary and pet services business management and client engagement software company.

Petvisor’s suite of services works to empower over 10,000 veterinary clinics and 400 grooming facilities with the tools they need to engage pet parent customers, streamline operations and grow their businesses. Together with the Apax Digital Funds and Frontier Growth, Petvisor will drive its research and development investments. Alongside these product innovation efforts, the funding will support acquisition opportunities to complement Petvisor’s software platform. 

“Petvisor makes life easier and better for thousands of vet clinics and groomers, as well as millions of pet parents, and we are excited to build on the Petvisor platform to expand its reach, scale, and impact,” states Mia Hegazy, principal of Apax Digital.