Edge Autonomy, a provider of unmanned and autonomous technology and a portfolio company of AE Industrial Partners, has bought Adaptive Energy, a designer and manufacturer of solid oxide field cells.

Adaptive Energy provides SOFC for backup, off-grid, and UAV power. The firm has over two decades of experience in fuel cell manufacturing and has deployed nearly 2,000 SOFC services across the globe. The firm’s services are used across military, critical infrastructure, and transportation end-markets.

“Having used Adaptive Energy’s SOFCs for years, we know first-hand the value the team will bring to Edge Autonomy and our customers,” said John Purvis, CEO of Edge Autonomy. “Adaptive Energy has done an impressive job investing in R&D, and we plan to leverage the Company’s technology and research as we look to find new ways to further extend the duration and improve the performance of our autonomous systems. I look forward to working with the Adaptive Energy team as we continue to innovate together.”