Freestar, a monetization company working with content publishers, ecommerce sites, and app developers, has acquired Sortable, a Canada-based ad management company for publishers.

“We are excited to welcome the Sortable team and the incredible technology they have built into the Freestar organization,” said Kurt Donnell, CEO and president of Freestar. “Adding Sortable’s capabilities to the ever-expanding suite of tools and products we already offer will ensure our publishers remain at the absolute cutting-edge of programmatic advertising. While we are organically growing 50% again this year, we will continue to be strategic about acquisitions that add unique elements to our offering as was the case with our acquisition of Vdopia’s Chocolate app mediation platform last year and now Sortable. It was evident from the very first conversation that bringing the Freestar and Sortable organizations together was a no-brainer given the shared publisher first mindset and complementary strengths.”

“From the founding of Sortable, we have always been passionate about helping publishers optimize revenue through the many solutions we have brought to market,” said Chris Reid, CEO of Sortable. “Our company has always believed in the importance of great customer service, continuous improvement and honesty in everything we do. In Freestar, we found a perfect match as they share the same values. I am so excited to see what Freestar will be able to accomplish by combining the technology and resources of two of the most well-established companies in the space.”

The joint company continues to be supported by Abry Partners who became Freestar’s first institutional investor in December.