Private equity firms have to provide more than capital

"You have to be more than just money," NewSpring Capital's Anne Vazquez told Mergers & Acquisitions at ACG Philadelphia's 2017 M&A East conference. "You have to think about how you can truly add value."

VAZQUEZ: I think that you always have to be creative on, you know, finding good companies and good people to partner with, but I think in terms of the overall competition, you know, going back to what I previously said, is you really have to be more than just money. You know, you have to think about how you can truly add value to a company and especially in an environment where, you know, multiples are fairly aggressive and, you know, you have to be able to see a way to, you know, not just be money and add value to that company over time. And that can come in a lot of different forms whether it's, you know, subject matter, expertise, whether it's resources. So I think each firm has its own way of kind of going about it.