Gregg Spratto
President and chief transformation officer
Gregg Spratto is president and chief transformation officer at PRO Unlimited.
Dustin Hindman
Management consultant
Dustin Hindman is a management consultant with Point B.
Adam Hartstein
Management consultant
Adam Hartstein is a management consultant with Point B.

The uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 global pandemic reduced deal activity by nearly 50 percent for the first half of 2020, shedding nearly $1 trillion in transaction values, according to Bloomberg Law. Transaction volume and the number of deals fell to its lowest point since 2004. As the business world began to settle into a new normal during the second half of 2020, private equity firms and corporate development teams started to actively deploy their $1.5+ trillion in idle cash, according to CNBC. According to Bain & Co.’s “Global M&A Report 2021,” in the end, more than 28,500 deals were signed in 2020, with some sectors and geographies returning to pre-pandemic levels, reports Bloomberg Law.