Cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks (NYSE: PANW) is buying data security provider Expanse Inc. for $800 million. Expanse's technology monitors the Internet for weakness points that can increase risk to customers. Expanses works with businesses in the healthcare, entertainment, technology and government sectors. "As companies embark on digital transformation, they often leave critical IT assets exposed to the Internet, creating vulnerable points that attackers can exploit. This exposure has only accelerated with the rapid shift to the cloud and remote working," according to Palo Alto. With the massive and sudden shift to remote work, home computers are now a bigger target than ever before. Mass adoption of new video conferencing software, increased VPN usage, changing behaviors and policies relating to access management / permissions, increased cloud usage – all of these open up doors for new security threats while extending employer liability and responsibility outside of a controlled office environment. Cybersecurity companies who can provide unique services to put remote employers at ease could be a very good M&A targets. For more on cybersecurity trends, see: 5 Things Buyers Should Look for in Cybersecurity Targets.