Mergers & Acquisitions names the 2021 PE Innovators in ESG, including, Monomoy Capital Partners.

Monomoy Capital Partners says it wants to be transparent when it comes to ESG. That is why the New York-based private equity firm uses ESG scorecards to identify risks and opportunities before making an investment.

Ethan Klemperer, Head of Operating Team, Monomoy Capital Partners

“We have a rigorous ESG benchmarking process that we require by all of our portfolio companies on a quarterly basis, allowing us to continue our oversight and measure ESG initiatives and progress,” said Ethan Klemperer, head of Monomoy’s operating team.

Monomoy utilizes ESG benchmarking processes to evaluate, compare, and qualify sustainability indicators within the operations of its portfolio companies. These processes establish baselines and define industry best practices at the firm. Senior leaders at portfolio companies, including CEOs and CFOs, also get involved.

Some examples of how Monomoy is implementing ESG portfolio companies: Worked with unions to increase wages and job flexibility at Edsal which allowed team members to earn more and produce more domestically; Installed cameras on the dashboard at CRI which has reduced accidents; and at Sportech, all employees are provided 8 hours of paid time to volunteer at an organization of their choice or to do a service for someone, such as yard work for an elderly neighbor or volunteer at a local food shelf.