Most industries are struggling with labor shortages, and companies are willing to do anything to keep up and fill in the gaps. This includes the technology sector, despite falling valuations that is leading to layoffs. Let’s take a look at why tech remote workers are being highly sought after:

“There is no question that the demand for software engineers in the United States will keep growing,” says Lachlan de Crespigny, co-founder of Revelo. “Having exclusive access to high quality tech talent pools is a massive competitive advantage. In the long-term, whoever excels in the supply side will win.”

On Tuesday, Revelo said it acquired Listopro, which offers remote tech workers from Mexico to U.S.-based companies. Revelo is an online platform for U.S. companies to hire Latin America-based remote tech talent. Not only that: Revelo also manages payroll, benefits, taxes and local compliance, making it a one-stop for those cross-borders services, so businesses wouldn’t have to worry about those things when it comes to hiring talent from other countries.

Revelo says labor shortage continues to be a persistent problem and businesses need to look outside the U.S. for help. Only about 53 percent of tech professionals surveyed by Revelo were somewhat or very open to hiring remotely outside the U.S.

And Revelo has a simple suggestion:  “Any company not looking beyond geographical boundaries for remote talent over the next five years will be left behind,” mentions de Crespigny.

– Demitri Diakantonis