Mergers & Acquisitions names the 2021 PE Innovators in ESG, including, HCAP Partners.

HCAP Partners is going all way down to the job level at portfolio companies to improve ESG quality, particularly for the approximate 70 percent of its portfolio company employees who are low-to-moderate income wage earners.

The San Diego-based firm’s investment strategy involves creating a positive economic outcome for all portfolio employees. This is where HCAP’s Gainful Jobs Approach comes in. The strategy includes a robust quantitative measurement system to assess existing job quality standards and improvements as well as identifying workplace initiatives at portfolio companies. This is done alongside management teams who understand the benefits of quality jobs within their companies.

“We believe that investment in human capital is a critical factor to business success,” said Bhairvee Shavdia, principal at HCAP. “Through our operational impact framework, the Gainful Jobs Approach, we engage with our portfolio companies on a consistent, ongoing basis to develop a strategic roadmap to improve job quality and also provide tools and resources to aid in the implementation of new workplace practices aimed at improving job quality standards.”