Huron Capital’s new Flex Equity Fund resonates with companies that “need a partner to help them grow, or to provide some liquidity, but don't want to give up a controlling interest,” says partner Douglas Sutton in this video interview shot at ACG InterGrowth 2018. For more on the strategy, see our Q&A with managing partner Brian Demkowicz: Huron Capital's Flex Fund courts owners who want growth but also control. The Detroit firm won Mergers & Acquisitions’ M&A Mid-Market Award for 2017 Seller of the Year.

John capitals been around since 1999.

It's been a traditional change-of-control private Equity Firm, but through the years.

We saw an underserved segment of the market.

These are these are privately held businesses that need an equity partner, but don't want to give up control and so we raise the fund focused on that specific segment of the market and we're finding companies that are there it resonates with where they need a partner to help them grow or to provide some liquidity, but don't want to give up a controlling interest the way we differentiate ourselves from other Capital providers is our strong operating and strategic resources.

We have 50 operating partners that are industry Executives that have been in their space for a long time that can be mentors and River guides to our CEOs. So our strategy is to provide support and help for businesses that in the areas where they need help could be operations that could be strategy could be sales and marketing.

It could be Acquisitions and we bring the resources to those businesses to help them.

Them solve those problems.