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Deals Done Efficiently: Four Things M&A Advisors Need to Know
Consideration of both pre- and post-closing deal requirements creates a more holistic client experience. While M&A advisors (and their clients) may not be thinking about closing mechanics and post-closing matters now, doing so can help drive efficiencies, ensure a smoother close, and remove added work and headaches later in the deal process. SRS Acquiom offers these tips to help you provide more value in your role as an M&A advisor.
November 02, 2022
PayU invests millions to bridge issuers, merchants
The investment money’s flowing into fintech that’s flexible and broad enough to build a bridge between issuers and merchants. For PayU’s investment wing, that’s a $500 million blanket covering cross-border commerce, open tools and markets in dire need of a digital revolution.
May 07, 2019