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Create high impact returns for portfolio companies

The deal closing is only the beginning. Portfolio company financial leaders are laser focused on growth and can lose sight of the performance possibilities gained through investments in integrating technology. This video highlights how integrated technology can empower organizations to become more focused on value-added initiatives as opposed to the manual labor intensive processes related […]
April 28, 2017
Gain invaluable information from in-depth assessments
Why put financial resources and investments at risk by failing to uncover significant operating and financial performance drivers? This video highlights why expanding your due diligence scope to include in-depth assessments can help both buyers and sellers avoid potential pitfalls. For more information, click here.
February 14, 2017
Technology strategy is key to your growth
Companies that want to achieve growth and manage risk must have a comprehensive technology strategy – and buyers need to review investment opportunities with a tech strategy in mind.  Watch this short video and learn the importance of performing technology due diligence to positively impacting your bottom line. For more information on this topic, click […]
December 02, 2016
Get the right deal done with sell side due diligence
In today’s fast-paced deal making environment, being a prepared seller can mean the difference between closing the deal at a desired valuation and not closing the deal at all. This short video shows how and why conducting sell-side due diligence can help sellers achieve the best possible outcomes. For more information on this topic, click here.
July 21, 2016