Douglas Wolf, Founder & Managing Principal, Opportunity Assets Group

PCG is a S Corporation and the sole shareholder of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, which can realize income on a tax-free basis. As an ESOP, PCG can engage directly in M&A transactions without tax penalties. PCG’s partner company Opportunity Assets Group (OAG) is able to purchase shares of selling companies and simultaneously sell the assets of the company to the buyer, incurring the corporate taxable income involved in the sale. As compensation for doing so, OAG will purchase the shares of the selling company at some discount from the proceeds received from the simultaneous asset sale.  This discount will, however, be substantially smaller than the tax that would otherwise result from the transaction.

Douglas Wolf, Founder of OAG, sat down with Mergers & Acquisitions Contributing Editor Danielle Fugazy, to discuss the details of his firm’s process. Listen to this podcast to learn more.


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