Target Acquirer Value ($millions) Synopsis
The ADT Corp Apollo Global Management LLC 6,943.4 Apollo Global Management LLC definitively agreed to acquire the entire share capital of The ADT Corp, a Boca Raton-based provider of investigation services, for $42 in cash per share or a total of $6.943 billion via a leveraged buyout transaction. Earlier this month, Apollo was rumored to be planning to acquire the entire share capital of ADT.
Ingram Micro Inc Tianjin Tianhai Investment Co Ltd 6,067.4 Tianjin Tianhai Investment Co Ltd of China definitively agreed to acquire the entire share capital of Ingram Micro Inc, an Irvine-based wholesaler of computer software and hardware products, for $38.9 in cash per share, or a total of $6.067 billion.
Truven Health Analytics Inc IBM Watson Group 2,600.0 IBM Watson Group, a unit of International Business Machines Corp, plans to acquire Truven Health Analytics Inc, an Ann Arbor-based provider of data, analytics and performance benchmarking healthcare solutions services. The firm would be acquired from Veritas Capital Partners LP for $2.6 billion.
Physio-Control Inc Stryker Corp 1,280.0 Stryker Corp definitively agreed to acquire the entire share capital of Physio-Control Inc, a Redmond-based manufacturer and wholesaler of cardiac defibrillators, from Bain Capital LLC, for an estimated $1.28 billion in cash.
Astron Inc(Sento Technical Innovations Corp) Investor Group 555.0 US - An investor group, comprised of Welltower Inc and state-owned Canada Pension Plan Investment Board plans to acquire a 97.5% interest in Aston Garden, a Tampa-based owner and operator of residential communities, for $555 million.
Lytx Inc GTCR LLC 500.0 GTCR LLC agreed to acquire Lytx Inc, a San Diego-based provider of video telematics solutions services, for an estimated $500 million in cash via a leveraged buyout transaction.
Diligent Corp Insight Venture Partners LLC 445.3 Insight Venture Partners LLC definitively agreed to acquirer the entire share capital of Diligent Corp, a New York-based developer of board management software, for $4.9 in cash per share or a total of $445. 267 million via a leveraged buyout transaction.
eBuys Inc DSW Inc 117.5 DSW Inc definitively agreed to acquire the entire share capital of eBuys Inc, a San Diego-based provider of ecommerce retail services, for an estimated $117.5 million. The consideration would consist of 62.5 million in cash and up to $55 million in profit-related payments.
FitnessKeeper Inc ASICS Corp 85.0 ASICS Corp of Japan plans to acquire the entire share capital of FitnessKeeper Inc, a Boston-based developer of fitness tracking software, for an estimated $85 million.
Harmony Bank,Jackson,New Jersey Lakeland Bancorp Inc 30.5 Lakeland Bancorp Inc definitively agreed to acquire the entire share capital of Harmony Bank, a New Jersey-based commercial bank, for $30.494 million via a stock swap transaction. Lake land offered 1.25 common share per Harmony share. Based on Lakeland's closing stock price of $10.11 on 16 February 2016, the last full trading day prior to the announcement, each Harmony share was valued at $12.638.
Saratoga Hilton,New York Driftwood Hospitality Management LLC 30.0 Driftwood Hospitality Management LLC acquired Saratoga Hilton, a New-based hotel operator, from Saratoga Hotel Associates for an estimated $30 million.
Country Bank Prescott, AZ Mohave State Bank,Lake Havasu City,Arizona 29.6 Mohave State Bank, a unit of State Bank Corp, definitively agreed to merge with Prescott-based Country Bank for an estimated $29.6 million.
Nationwide Industries Inc (P&F Industries Inc) Argosy Private Equity 22.5 Argosy Private Equity, through a subsidiary, acquired Nationwide Industries Inc, a Tampa-based manufacturer of hardware. The firm was acquired from P&F Industries Inc for an estimated $22. 5 million via a leveraged buyout transaction.
Staples Inc-Contract Business & Assets Essendant Inc 22.5 Essendant Inc agreed to acquire the contract business & assets of Staples Inc, a Framingham-based office supplies store operator, for $22.5 million.
Community Bank of Northern Wisconsin Citizens Community Bancorp Inc,Eau Claire,Wisconsin 17.0 Citizens Community Bancorp Inc definitively agreed to acquire the entire share capital of Rice Lake-based Community Bank of Northern Wisconsin for an estimated $17 million in cash.
FIN Holdings Inc ID Global Solutions Corp 9.0 ID Global Solutions Corp acquired the entire share capital of FIN Holdings Inc, a developer of biometric fingerprint software, in exchange for 22.5 million common shares collectively valued at $9 million. The shares were valued based on ID Global's closing stock price of $0.4 on 15 February 2016, the last full trading day prior to the announcement.
Jackson Solar Farm LLC GCL New Energy(NC)I LLC 0.7 GCL New Energy (NC) I LLC, a unit of GCL New Energy Holdings Ltd, agreed to acquire the entire share capital of Jackson Solar Farm LLC, a North Carolina-based electric power generation facility operator, from Hive Energy and Mount Olive I LLC for $0.72 million.
Schroeder Industries Inc Aalberts Industries NV   Aalberts Industries NV of Netherlands agreed to acquire the entire share capital of Schroeder Industries Inc, a Leetsdale-based manufacturer of process filter products.
Magco Drilling Inc Aldridge Construction   Aldridge Construction acquired Magco Drilling Inc, an Azusa-based industrial building constructor.
White & Co Insurance Inc Arthur J Gallagher & Co   Arthur J Gallagher & Co acquired the White & Company Insurance Inc, a Santa Monica-based insurance agency.
Glowacki Group llc Aspiriant LLC   Aspiriant LLC plans to acquire the entire share capital of Glowacki Group llc, a Los Angeles-based provider of financial investment services.
Practitioner Support Services LLC Balance Point Capital Partners LP   Balance Point Capital Partners LP, a unit of First New England Capital LP, acquired an undisclosed majority interest in Practitioner Support Services LLC, a Monroe-based provider of skilled nursing care services.
The Pet Outpost LLC Bentley's Pet Stuff Ltd   Bentley's Pet Stuff Ltd acquired The Pet Outpost LLC, a Shorewood-based owner and operator of pet products store.
Fahrenheit 212 Cap Gemini SA   Cap Gemini SA of France plans to acquire the entire share capital of Fahrenheit 212, a New York-based provider of management consulting services.
The Equinox Inns and Resort INC Carey Watermark Investors Inc   Carey Watermark Investors Inc acquired The Equinox, a Manchester Village-based hotel operator.
Aerex Industries Inc Consolidated Water Co Ltd   Consolidated Water Co Ltd of Cayman Islands was granted an option to acquire the remaining 49% stake it did not already own in Aerex Industries Inc, a Fort Pierce-based manufacturer of wastewater treatment products. Concurrently, Consolidated Water acquired a 51% interest in Aerex.
Liguria Foods INC CTI Foods LLC   CTI Foods LLC acquired Liguria Foods INC, a full-service restaurant operator.
MET Plastics Dedienne Multiplasturgy Group SAS   Dedienne Multiplasturgy Group SAS of France acquired MET Plastics, an Elk Grove Village-based manufacturer of plastic molded parts. Upon completion of the deal, MET would change its name to Met2Plastic LLC.
IMI Holding Corp DNS Capital llc   DNS Capital LLC acquired IMI Holding Corp, a Boyne City-based manufacturer of magnet and electromagnet products, from River Associates Investments LLC. Terms were not disclosed.
Stagnito Partners LLC Edgell Communications Inc   Edgell Communications Inc merged with Stagnito Partners LLC, a Deerfield-based provider of commercial gravure printing services.
Flixster Inc Fandango Media LLC   Fandango Media LLC, a unit of NBCUniversal Media LLC, agreed to acquire Flixster Inc, a San Francisco-based provider of online movie and TV rating services, from Warner Bros Inc's Warner Bros Home Entertainment Group. The transaction would include Rotten Tomatoes.
Magnuson-Hagopian Enterprises Inc FinishMaster Inc   FinishMaster Inc, a unit of Uni-Select Inc, acquired Magnuson-Hagopian Enterprises Inc, a Ferndale-based wholesaler of automotive and industrial coatings.
Warner Power LLC Grand Transformers Inc   Grand Transformers Inc, a unit of Blackford Capital LLC, acquired Warner Power LLC, a Warner-based manufacturer of industrial power conversion products, custom magnetics and dry type transformers.
Diana Fruit Co Inc Gray & Co   Gray & Co, a unit of Seneca Foods Corp, acquired Diana Fruit Co Inc, a Santa Clara-based manufacturer of prepared sauces.
Advanced Clinical Concepts llc HealthLogix Inc   HealthLogix Inc, a unit of Dialog Direct Inc, acquired the entire share capital of Advanced Clinical Concepts llc, a provider of ambulatory health care services. Healthnostics Inc   Healthnostics Inc acquired, an Annapolis-based owner and operator of a cannabis website.
SigmaSpace Corp Hexagon AB   Hexagon AB of Sweden acquired SigmaSpace Corp, a Lanham-based developer of 3D visualization software.
OrderPigeon inc HubLogix Inc   HubLogix Inc acquired OrderPigeon Inc, an internet service provider.
Bizmosis Inc Innovative Architects INC   Innovative Architects INC plans to acquire the entire share capital of Bizmosis Inc, a Duluth-based provider of custom computer programming services.
Kwicr Inc Instart Logic Inc   Instart Logic Inc acquired Kwicr Inc, a Burlington-based developer of mobile acceleration software.
Brooklyn Brothers Interpublic Group of Cos Inc   Interpublic Group of Cos Inc acquired Brooklyn Brothers, a New York-based advertising agency.
Metropolitan Communications llc Invoice Cloud Inc   Invoice Cloud Inc acquired Metropolitan Communications llc, a Marlborough-based internet service provider.
LegalPartners LP Keais Records Service LLC   Keais Records Service LLC, a unit of CapStreet Group LLC, acquired LegalPartners LP, a Houston-based provider of document preparation services.
Monterrey Provision Co Inc KeHE Distributors LLC   KeHE Distributors LLC acquired Monterrey Provision Co Inc, a San Diego-based wholesaler of specialty and natural products.
CeeLite Technologies Llc Lumenoptix Llc   Lumenoptix Llc plans to merge with CeeLite Technologies Llc, a Villanova-based manufacturer of electric lamp bulbs and parts.
Gulf Coast Billing Inc Medical Transcription Billing Corp   Medical Transcription Billing Corp acquired Gulf Coast Billing Inc, a Huffman-based provider of business support services.
Enterprise Crude Oil LLC-Rocky Mountain Crude Business Unit Mercuria Energy Trading SA   Mercuria Energy Trading SA of Switzerland, a unit of Mercuria Energy Group Ltd, acquired the rocky mountain crude supply and marketing business of Enterprise Crude Oil LLC, a Texas-based provider of pipeline transportation services for crude oil.
Swinglift USA Mini Mobile Inc   Mini Mobile Inc acquired Swinglift USA, a Justin-based provider of local freight trucking services. Terms were not disclosed.
Sundance Enterprises Inc Molnlycke Health Care AB   Molnlycke Health Care AB of Sweden, a unit of Investor AB, acquired Sundance Enterprises Inc, a provider of ambulatory health care services.
USA Fastener Group Inc MW Industries Inc   MW Industries Inc, a unit of Genstar Capital LLC, acquired USA Fastener Group Inc, a Houston-based manufacturer of fasteners.
GET Enterprises LLC Olympus Partners LP   Olympus Partners LP acquired GET Enterprises LLC, a Houston-based manufacturer of tabletop products, via a leveraged buyout transaction.
Kimono Labs Inc Palantir Technologies Inc   Palantir Technologies Inc acquired Kimono Labs Inc, a software publisher. Terms were not disclosed.
Neo Innovation Inc Pivotal Software Inc   Pivotal Software Inc acquired Neo Innovation Inc, a San Francisco-based provider of software development and design consulting services, from Digital Garage Inc. The buyer is jointly owned by General Electric Co, EMC Corp and VMware Inc.
Predictive Therapeutics LLC Predictive Tech Group Inc   Predictive Tech Group Inc acquired the remaining 16% stake it did not already own in Predictive Therapeutics LLC, a manufacturer of in-vitro diagnostic substances, via a privately negotiated transaction.
Self Storage Centers Portfolio (4),Tennessee Rising Tide Development LLC   Rising Tide Development LLC, a unit of Amsdell Cos LLC, acquired four Self Storage Centers in Tennessee from BGS America Storage, a provider of warehousing and storage services. The properties include 461 Waldron Road in La Vergne, 702 Jessica St. in Murfreesboro, as well as 200 Front St. and 1022 Nissan Drive both in Smyrna.
MeLLmo Inc SAP SE   SAP SE of Germany acquired MeLLmo Inc, a Solana Beach-based provider of mobile-centric analytics and data visualization.
Northwest Point Business Park Sealy & Co Inc   Sealy & Co Inc acquired Northwest Point Business Park, a Houston-based lessor of nonresidential buildings.
CyberMetrix Inc SGS SA   SGS SA of Switzerland acquired CyberMetrix Inc, a Columbus-based manufacturer and wholesaler of test cells and equipments.
Solar Frontier Americas Inc- 20 MW Solar Power Project Southern Power and Turner Renewable Energy   Southern Power and Turner Renewable Energy, a unit of Southern Co, acquired 20 MW Solar Power Project of Solar Frontier Americas Inc, a Santa Clara-based electric power generation facility operator owned by Solar Frontier KK.
TigerLogic Corp-Postano Business Sprinklr Inc   Sprinklr Inc definitively agreed to acquire the Postano business of TigerLogic Corp, an Irvine-based software publisher.
DrinkFly LLC Thirstie Inc   Thirstie inc plans to acquire the entire share capital of DrinkFly LLC, a Chicago-based online retailer.
Millennium Industries Corp TI Automotive Ltd   TI Automotive Ltd of the UK, a unit of Bain Capital LLC, acquired Millennium Industries Corp, a Ligonier-based manufacturer of automotive fuel system and engine components.
Dancing Hares Vineyard LLC Tuck Beckstoffer Wines LLC   Tuck Beckstoffer Wines LLC plans to acquire Dancing Hares Vineyard LLC, a wine producer and grape farming establishment.
FreeSlate Inc Unchained Labs Inc   Unchained Labs Inc acquired FreeSlate Inc, a Sunnyvale-based manufacturer of biological products.
Fulton Bellows Inc United Flexible Inc   United Flexible Inc acquired Fulton Bellows LLc a Knoxville-based manufacturer of bellows for gas and fluid control systems, from Morris Capital.
Wheat Group Inc United Legwear & Apparel Co Llc   United Legwear & Apparel Co Llc acquired Wheat Group Inc, a San Diego-based apparel maker.
A Best Florida Insurance Inc USI Insurance Services LLC   USI Insurance Services LLC, a unit of USI Holdings Corp, acquired A Best Florida Insurance Inc, a Tamarac-based insurance agency. Terms were not disclosed.
Texas Hydraulics Inc Wynnchurch Capital Ltd   Wynnchurch Capital Ltd acquired Texas Hydraulics Inc, a Temple-based manufacturer of fluid power cylinders and actuators, from Dover Corp via a leveraged buyout transaction. Terms were not disclosed.
US M&A Deals Announced February 12-February 18, 2016      

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