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I represented FLRish Inc., now Harborside Group (CSE:BUDD) in its reverse takeover transaction with Canada-based Lineage Grow Company. Harborside is a vertically integrated California cannabis company. The combined enterprise value exceeded $250 million. The transaction was incredibly challenging. Working on the transaction allowed me to gain national recognition as a primary advisor for mergers and acquisitions in this growing industry.

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When I was about seven, my mother decided to leave her husband, with two young daughters in tow. My mother knew she needed an income to support her children. To do so, she opened a “head” shop. After school, I would come to my mom’s business and help her behind the counter, selling rolling papers and other marijuana-related merchandise. Now, in representing large U.S. cannabis operators and investors in multi-million dollar transactions, I have a hand in bringing this industry forward, and I realize that my involvement actually started many years ago. I am grateful that my mother was an early entrepreneur in the cannabis industry. Through my transactional work, I am now carrying on in an industry that my mother long ago embraced as good commerce.