Describe a recent accomplishment.
New opportunities to serve our clients are always exciting, but there’s an added element of excitement when you connect with a firm that gives you the chance to work with them for the first time. Perhaps it’s the notion that a new relationship unlocks a seed of potential that might grow into something spectacular if we continue to earn their business. Whatever the reason, they are special, and I felt worth noting that in 2019 our team has secured 25 new unique private equity clients to date, which is a high water mark for new clients compared to previous years. In addition to our client roster growing measurably this year, Accordion has grown significantly in size as well.

How are you advancing the state of women?
In close partnership with a small group of women across the industry, I co-founded Exponent Women, which serves to unite female dealmakers to capitalize on meaningful interactions and actionable content. Exponent is concluding its second year of operation and has sustained self-sufficiency financially while expanding its network footprint and content offering to include even more women dealmakers.