Describe a recent accomplishment.
I helped Verifone raise incremental debt to lower its interest costs and put significant cash on the balance sheet. It was an unusual transaction since we didn’t have a definitive cash need, but I saw an opportunity to raise money in a strong market, knowing that Verifone had a long acquisition pipeline and would have future capital needs. The market for B3 loans has struggled this fall, but Verifone has been well-capitalized and able to pursue M&A without financing concerns. It’s a great feeling knowing you’ve helped set a company up well for its future needs.

How are you a champion for change?
When I joined FP, I was the first person hired into a specialized function. I worked hard to ensure that my role complemented what was already working well while also introducing new processes. The success of my role demonstrated the tangible impact of investing in expertise and created white space for FP to think about specialized functions differently. We’ve since grown our capital markets team and hired in areas such as tax and talent. I think this makes us more nimble and holds true to FP’s ethos of continuous improvement.