Describe a recent accomplishment.
My most important dealmaking accomplishment was the successful close of two Planet Fitness deals. The first, a very competitive deal, partnered Core Fitness with private equity group Spanos Barber Jesse (SBJ). Across all deal parameters, but especially culture and vision, the partnership was ideal. Shortly thereafter, another Planet Fitness client (KiwiMex/RISMA) selected Core Fitness, now a portfolio company of SBJ, as the buyer. This deal also was a strong cultural fit with the added benefit of club locations in neighboring markets. Through these win-win deals, my clients realized substantial liquidity while reinvesting with a partner focused on accelerated growth.

How are you a champion for change?
Our ongoing deal activity within the fitness industry, especially our work with Planet Fitness, has been transformative both for Planet Fitness and for the individual entrepreneurs who started gyms with very little money or found themselves struggling to be financially viable. Our dealmaking over the last year has helped many realize significant liquidity and generational wealth. At the same time, the Planet Fitness community has benefited from a well-capitalized business model, accelerated growth and system consolidation that is bringing the strongest operators together with the backing of private equity capital.