What’s new?
One trend that matters involves data analytics: I assisted HCMS Group in finding a strategic partner. HCMS is a leader in data analytics and services to companies and employees who want to be productive but may have had an injury or life event that requires special support to get them reintegrated into work and society. This is especially important work today, as our country and business community look for ways to cope with the opioid epidemic. Another important trend is our aging American workforce and what that means for the “sandwich generation” (the generation with both young children and aging parents). I assisted the Generali Group in acquiring CareLinx, which is a leading technology platform for obtaining caregivers who have been vetted and are experienced in providing care to the elderly as well as children.

How are you advancing the state of women?
I am proud to have had a long career as an investment banker, particularly since it was not an easy place to succeed when I first started on Wall Street in the early ‘80s. I started an informal women’s organization a decade ago. Today, I am assisting with the advancement of our diversity efforts at Alantra, most recently joining the coordination team.