Describe a recent accomplishment.
2019 was a record-breaking year for me, based on the number of deals I was involved with. Additionally, I advised on a significant number of international transactions for U.S.-based clients. Challenges facing my clients while investing abroad are unique in nature and extremely complex, and it has been professionally challenging and rewarding to work on solutions for international issues to ensure deals were closed successfully.

What’s new?
Stepping into a new territory is always exciting and challenging. In 2019, I significantly expanded my industry expertise outside of traditional manufacturing, consumer and business services deals. I was involved with transactions in a number of new industries that gave me the opportunity to further develop my professional expertise and broaden my horizons. Those transactions included selected niche deals in financial services, agriculture, and nutrition and health. Each deal commanded different industry framework and challenges, but by focusing and clearly understanding the client’s goals and concerns along with working against a short time frame from the start to closing, I was able to help clients achieve optimal outcomes while growing my skillset and professional knowledge.