How are you a champion for change?
My entire career has been focused on healthcare. From an impact perspective, some of the most transformative work I’ve done has been advising fast growing healthcare companies that are improving the healthcare ecosystem in myriad ways. I’ve been involved with a company that manufactures gene therapy drugs capable of circumventing inherited genetic diseases. I’ve advised a company that offered personalized precision cancer diagnostics. I’ve also invested in a company that is expanding access to care in a hugely underserved market. Being involved in improving healthcare for people across all walks of society has been very gratifying.

How are you advancing the state of women?
I have had the honor of serving as one of the founding members of the Columbia Business School Women’s Circle. This group is focused on engaging and supporting women in business among the school’s alumnae, faculty and students. We provide networking opportunities, mentorships, and other services to support women’s advancement in business. As an alumna of the Columbia Business School and longtime advocate for women in business, I’m particularly proud of the work we’re doing there.