How are you advancing the state of women?
In 2019, Gridiron increased the number of female employees by 50 percent and promoted 30 percent of females already at the firm. We have also established a Women’s Initiative to encourage female entrepreneurs and executives to help and support one another. (This is alongside our Veteran’s Initiative.) We have partnered with multiple companies led by talented women. We see many female entrepreneurs with incredible products and services, but often they don’t have the robust network needed to pursue more advanced growth strategies

What’s new?
The PE market has evolved and matured considerably over the last 20 years. In order to outperform the mean, managers need to find those elusive inefficiencies in an increasingly efficient market. Managers who simply hire the “typical” PE professionals are going to look and perform like everyone else. Different perspectives, experiences and ways of thinking make a firm more powerful and give that manager the ability to think outside the box and create value in unique and creative ways. At Gridiron, we work hard to get better every day. Part of how we do that is by interacting with new people and constantly challenging the status quo.