What’s new?
Although I have served on many boards of my private portfolio companies, I really wanted to be an independent director on a public company board. I believed it would be beneficial to my personal growth and my firm, and capitalize on my 30+ years of business and investment experience. After getting up the learning curve on how to go about it and then using my network, I was able to secure a public company board position within a few months of setting out to do so! So far, it has been a great experience.

How are you advancing the state of women?
Being a founder of one of the few 100-percent women-owned private credit firms in the country, I wanted to make sure I acted as a role model and mentor for other women who might want to launch their own firms. To show them, if I can do it, so can they.

I have spoken at a number of women’s conferences this year including the Women’s Private Equity Summit and Kayo Women’s Private Credit Conference. Moreover, I have had the pleasure of mentoring/supporting several women this year as they launch their funds.